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Providing for our national anthem, we have decided to turn history around to make it a celebration, and what better than with beers.


OPB was created as a project in 2016, when Javier Rocha and Álvaro De León met, two friends who wanted to work together in a world they were passionate about: craft beer.


At the end of 2016 they created their first intelligent Beer Truck, designed so that the client can self-serve their own pint, because the faucets are facing the public. It has 8 faucets and an RFID system with magnetic cards imported from the United States, whose use can be as a prepaid beer card or else, as a control of liters in real time in private events.


Months later we created a Mobile Bar, mounted on the chassis of a Chevy of 53, which has 4 beers and was designed for smaller events and with a vintage aesthetic that will decorate any particular event.


With these two trucks on the street, we have toured the country between fairs and private events, achieving loyalty in the beer public by bringing craft beers to parts of the country that had not yet arrived.


We started with the most important craft beer brands and currently we exceed more than 30 Uruguayan brands, among many others of national and foreign industry.


Recently we incorporated a vintage style tricycle with a capacity of up to 200 liters. of beer thrown through its 4 faucets; being the third mobile for rental for parties and events.


In November 2017 we opened the first beer bar at Mercado Ferrando in Montevideo.

It has 22 beer cages and endless bottled beers, being the bar with the most variety of beers in all of Uruguay. At the end of 2017 we opened a Beach Bar in La Pedrera, Rocha.


In December 2018, we opened a new beer bar in the historic neighborhood of Colonia del Sacramento; and in August 2019 at the Columbia Market in the Lagomar, Canelones area.


Since we want to give small and large producers the same opportunity to sell their product in bulk, OPB became the bar chain that offers the largest variety of craft beer in the country.


Our main differential is our staff, who are in charge of advising our clients to help them make their choice an experience, what we call “OPB Experience”.

A professional and truly knowledgeable team of the different varieties and options of craft beer available.


OPB has the Uruguay Country Brand XXI approval, and is currently managing the certificate of B companies internationally.

Como Funciona

OPB was born with the initiative to promote and enhance the production of Uruguayan beer. It is then that we make the decision to make the first intelligent Beer Truck equipped with an innovative system of magnetic RFID cards, in which you can serve all our varieties of beers as many times as you want.


We toast for you, for us and for beer!




Mercado Ferrando, Chana 2120 Esq. Joaquin de Salterain.



Columbia Market, Av. Giannattasio KM 21,800, Ciudad de la Costa.



La Pedrera, Av. Principal esq. Camino de Los Indios (frente a la Iglesia).



Historic neighborhood, De Portugal 183, Colonia.

Beer Trucks rental

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