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We create the following programs thinking about living beer from another point of view


Changing roles

We believe that beer brings people closer, so we think of an experience where the Director or Manager of YOUR COMPANY becomes, for a day, a bartender and serves the pints to his employees.

We offer this experience in our bar in Mercado Ferrando where we will give you all the necessary material previously and with the help of our staff we will “play” to change the roles for a few hours, and what better than with beers in between!


After office

We have business coupons, which are a minimum of 10 pints and / or 500 ml bottles. They are valid from Monday to Friday from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m.

They will also have 2 x 1 promos in Pilsen and Zillertal beers from Monday to Thursday at the same time.


OPB partners

Our OPB card is created to obtain benefits in all our services.

By registering on our website or filling out a short form in our bar you can access the following benefits:


* Discount of 10% in Pints ​​in OPB M Ferrando every day

* Monday and Tuesday 2 x 1 in Pilsen and Zillertal beer pints

* Wednesday 2 x 1 in Patagonia beer pints

* Thursday 2 x 1 in Drinks

* Sundays 2 x 1 in half pints of any of the beers thrown

* 500 ml bottled craft beers at $ 150

* 10% discount on rental of OPB service in Barra Movil

* 10% discount on Brewery Tours

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